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Inspirational Quotes

"The Labyrinth is a sacred pathway to connect with the hidden springs of the soul in navigating life's journey."
-Dr. Françoise E. Paradis

“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”

“The Labyrinth, in its strange and uncanny way, offers a sacred and stable space to focus the attention and listen to the longing of the soul.”
—Dr. Lauren Artress, Walking the Sacred Path

“To enter the center of the labyrinth is to enter the belly of the soul where the darkness illuminates the light.”
Book of Reflections, The Labyrinth Project of Connecticut

“Not I – not anyone else, can travel that road for you. You must travel it for yourself.”
—Walt Whitman

 “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life.  Where you stumble, there lies your treasure… You find the jewel and it draws you off… The goal is to bring the jewel back to the world to join the two things together… You must return with the bliss and integrate it.  The return is seeing the radiance everywhere…”
—Joseph Campbell

Magical Journey
Toni Marie Morrison

I stand on the outside looking in                                           
Questing for the inspiration I know is flowing within
Seeking images of who I am, the wisdom of what I know.

 I amble across the threshold into the unknown,
Perceiving from the first step that I am not alone.
Feeling the labyrinth’s ambiance; following the flow.

 My journey is unique; each step takes a toll.
Only the labyrinth and I share the chaos in my soul,
The spirits hear straight from my psyche the queries I pose.

Hidden springs of the soul flow all around
As I revel in this wondrous feeling I have found.
I free my heart; connect to my soul through the labyrinth's charm.

The energy wells up from the hidden springs like a geyser.
Streams of aura cascade down on me, leaving me wiser.
It feels almost like a mother’s warm and comforting arms.

Words are not essential to understand the messages to be found.
In this moment, fountains of enlightenment abound.
They cleanse my soul, leaving my inner self secure.

My transformation is, at last, complete.
I close my eyes and feel the sands of time shift under my feet.
My mind is at ease, my soul at peace.

I thank the labyrinth for its spiritual guidance.
I pray that others may have this chance.
I turn to the flame, my heart performing an ancient dance.

In the labyrinth all is possible, able to be gained.
Simultaneously, I feel small and as tall as a mountain.
Like I have the power of the cosmos in my humble hands.

I thank the spirits of all the realms, sensing reality nearing.
And prepare to return to the world outside, cheering.
I give thanks for this fantastic journey in a sacred land.

I leave the center, which felt as warm and safe as a womb,
Feeling like my life’s story is being woven out on a cosmic loom.
I follow the meandering path out, happy yet somehow forlorn.

I return across the threshold with a fresh clean slate.
I always will remember the way this moment felt so great.
I walk out of the labyrinth, completely renewed.

So welcome, welcome one and all.  We are truly glad you came.
Perhaps your magical journey will be almost the same.
The labyrinth has a story for everyone; yours has just begun.

So step into a secret realm where you may find what you seek.
We welcome all; the big and the small; the courageous or the meek,
To our magical labyrinth where together we become one.

Dedicated to all the souls touched by the events of 9-11-01. May the labyrinth’s path lead you to a far happier place in your hearts and memories.

"Follow the river and you will find the sea."
French Proverb

Click to download a PDF
On the Right Path
By Jen Fish
Portland Press Herald
York County Edition
September 19, 2002

Reflections on a Retreat at Hidden Springs

An Easter Rebirthing

by Françoise Paradis

Labyrinth Essay

by Jo Ann Jordan Elias
2002 (MS Word Doc)

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